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Thursday, June 14, 2012

              While the Sheriff and Fr. O'Kenney were busy dealing with the grieved widow, across town in a lovely B and B, a young woman rushed about packing her few belongings.  She opened and closed the dresser drawers with a sure sense purpose, and quickly, but neatly, folded them into a set of matching, monogrammed luggage.
              When she was sure she had packed every item, she closed the suitcases and set them on the floor to wait for the bellman.  She knelt on the floor and reached under the bed, pulling out a small wooden chest with a cover intricately stitched in fancy needlework.  Sitting on the end of the bed, the woman lovingly ran her hand over the lid, then opened the box and carefully inventoried the items that were nestled within.  Suddenly, a look of panic crossed her face.  She dumped the contents on the bed, seemingly searching for one particular treasure, and obviously not finding it among the pile.

              With a growing sense of panic, she stood and checked every pocket of the clothes she was wearing, puling the material inside out, and shaking it.  When that yielded no relief, she began inspecting every nook and cranny in the beautifully appointed room, crawling under furniture, stripping back bedding, and moving decorative pieces to the floor.  When there were obviously no further places to search, she plopped back down on the bed, exhausted and frantic, with tears forming in her eyes, and a lump in her stomach.

              " Oh please God...not my grandmother's rosary", she whimpered.

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  1. I like the drama of the last line! And did you actually hang the wallpaper in that little room? Very cool!