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Thursday, June 21, 2012

                 Just some "mini" notes about the rectory parlor.  This room is part of a Greenleaf "Westville" that I purchased on Ebay, and am in the process of rehabbing.  It was also my first attempt at  mini re-upholstery and drapery, so I beg your indulgence as I wax on them.  The sofa and chairs were a Mothers Day gift from my son, Michael.  I liked the shape and finish on the chairs, but not the ugly, red velvet upholstery.   After prying up the red velvet, I redid them in a piece of fabric with small rose print that I tea stained to get the beige color.  I like the way they turned out, especially if you don't look to closely.

                The chair next to the desk had a plain wooden seat, so I petit pointed the little seat cover, and with a little padding, changed the look of it entirely.  I also decided I am not fond of the art of petit point.  Give me cross stitch any day.

                The rug in front of the fire place is done in Russian punch needle, of a design that I created myself to match the wallpaper. (which doesn't show up to well in the photo)  I really enjoy the punch needle.  It is tedious, but hard to screw up once you get the hang of it.

               The drapes are one of my first attempts with detailed window treatments.  I knew I wanted to use a lovely lace and embroidered vintage hankie I had found, but wasn't sure what I would do with the side panels.  Not having a "mini pleater", ( I really have to get one of those) I used corrugated cardboard painted white, covered in white Irish linen.  Once I got it up there, I didn't think it looked to bad.  But now I understand why the custom crafted drapes by the pros  cost so much.  Unbelievable how long that took to complete.

             Some furniture and accessories  I would like to point out...the little lamp table in the corner, a Strombecker item that I think is charming with the turned legs...and the roll top desk against the wall, which is from the Shackman company, and one of the first pieces I ever bought when I started collecting in the 70s.  I would love to take credit for the stitched picture of the light house, but that was purchased from Memory Makers in South Carolina, and framed when I got back home.  The statue of the Last Supper ( did you notice...Cassie McKreedy also has one) is absolutely darling, and is complete down to the last detail, but I can't remember where I got it.

       Thanks for letting me go on about one of my favorite subjects.  I hope Fr. Kevin likes the way I've re-decorated his parlor, even if it does seem a bit "girly"...  

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