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Monday, June 18, 2012

                When he awoke Saturday morning to the incessant buzzing of his cell phone alarm, Fr. O'Kenney knew there were changes to be made.  As awful as yesterday's murder had been, he was more concerned about the state of his mental health.  He had almost convinced himself that the whole episode last night was due to his excessive reefer use, and an extremely stressful day.  Unfortunately, the large purple bruise on his upper arm had no explanation, and he dreaded to think that he might come to believe it  was the result of the pinch from the wee little man in his bushes.  Not wanting to tread there, he decided to concentrate his efforts on building up his role as the devoted and caring Pastor of Holy Family Parish.

               8:30 Mass this morning had been unusually light on worshipers.  Saturday attendance was always a bit smaller than the rest of the week, but today the church had been practically empty.  "Might have something to do with the chalk outline of Marco's body on the front lawn, and the yards of yellow crime scene tape wrapped around the garden, " he muttered.  "I guess the good people of Dollyville are not interested in belonging to a church that was the focus of last night's 10:00  news."

              He quickly changed from his vestments, and put on his official "I'm here on business" priest suit, Roman collar and all.  He had been meaning to touch base with Sheriff Beckett to see if the investigation had uncovered anything about the motive for Marco's murder.  Afterwards, he had a list of home bound parishioners he was supposed to check on, and hadn't gotten around to visiting.  He hoped the chats would take his mind off last night's adventure, even if he was sure all anyone would want to talk about was the murder.

              As he debated whether to take the bicycle or make his way on foot, he was shocked to see a small figure sitting within the crime scene tape.  For a second, he held his breath, fearing he would see the crazy midget with the acorn hat.  To his relief, it was just Irwin, a neighbor kid who frequently roamed around town digging in people's gardens and lawns.  "Irwin...what are you doing inside the crime scene tape?  The Sheriff put that there so people would stay out!  Get out of there right now!"

               Irwin looked up over his glasses, hands full of mud and grass.  "I'm looking for bugs Fr. O'Kenney.  This is the best spot in town."  Irwin was always looking for bugs,  What he did with the multitude of insects he gathered, Fr. Kevin did not want to know.

               "Well, you can't be messing around with the crime scene. Don't you know a man was murdered right there where you're sitting?"  He felt bad trying to use scare tactics with the kid, but he was in a hurry and needed for him to just be gone.

               " Hey Father... look what I what I found when I was digging over here by the chalk lines?  Do you know who this belongs to?  Or can I keep it?" The boy held up a black bead rosary, and a single red leather glove.




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