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Friday, June 8, 2012

                The chapel garden was always a pleasant place to be, but today it seemed just a bit more perfect.  The fountain trickled to it's own special song, and the grotto roses were in glorious bloom.  It was the kind of day poets set their pens to, relishing the balmy 80 degree temperature.  And because of that, it was quite a quandary to find the parish gardener in a heavy fisherman's sweater and a tight wool cap.  He must certainly have been much too warm attired in this manner.  This fact, coupled with the way he stopped from his work to look furtively around the garden, would give anyone pause.  It was quite suspicious...


  1. This is a test because people are emailing me that they can't post comments

  2. I love it and now surely want to see how Mrs Pepper is involved, as I just know she is. Keep up the suspence.

  3. I just love your idea! It must be so exciting to be talented in both miniatures and writing. It will be fun to check back to see the scenes and and keep up with the story. Thanks for sharing.
    SC from WV/USA

  4. I'm enjoying this murder mystery! I'm also enjoying seeing the way you are using your miniatures to set the scenes. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to the future episodes.
    (I'm posting here at the end of this episode because I didn't have any luck posting on the other episodes.)

  5. What a great idea! And I love that miniatures are involved! I need to take time to read carefully!
    Thanks for sharing :-)