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Saturday, March 5, 2016

With Heart Felt Thanks...


Dear Readers...

       Last week's post was aptly titled "Of Endings and Beginnings".  As it was for Fr. Kevin and the gang, so it is for me...the door closed on one adventure, and a new one invitingly left open.  After nearly four years and 297 posts, I've decided to end my regular blog posting, and work toward completing the next chapter in their story line as a full length novel.

        I can not begin to express my deepest appreciation for the loyalty so many of you have shown to this blog over the years.  My imaginary friends have become yours as well, and for that I am extremely grateful. You have given me the opportunity to share the stories in my head, and allowed me to practice a craft that is very dear to my heart. Hugs to all of you for that alone.

          As I said, I will be continuing the storyline I hinted at in last week's post. The novel will center around all five of the characters and their continued interaction with the Fay world, with the focus on the joy and confusion Beckett and Maureen's new addition brings.  (Think urban fantasy with a romantic twist.) I realize I will need to add some back story here and there for readers who do not have your long connection with the characters, but it is a challenge I  look forward to.  Not sure at this point whether I will try going the traditional publishing route, or self-publish with an e-book.  Still time to decide on that.  I need to get the story written first.

      Thank you again for your support.  I wish you all the very best life has to offer.  I will keep the blog up for a few more months, in case anyone wants to go back and read the older chapters, or view the miniature scenes.  If you are interested in being notified when this novel becomes a reality, leave me your email, and I will drop you a line.

   Hugs to you all,