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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wedding Jitters and Famous Last Words

Attention Dear Readers...

      Although this fiction blog is often illustrated with photos of dolls, and dollhouse miniatures, the language and content is intended for an adult audience.  Please be advised.

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Roxie shops for a dress
     The pile of dresses on the hook kept growing, along with her building frustration.  Roxanne Spinelli pulled the lime green sun dress over her head, and slapping it on a hanger, added it to the growing collection on the dressing room door.  This was utterly ridiculous.  She had spent less time buying her first car, then she was spending on finding this friggn' dress.  It was just a wedding, after all.  Not a damn coronation.  And it wasn't like Dollyville, Massachusetts was the height of the fashion industry any how.

    With a sharp rap, the pesky sales woman was back with a vengeance.  "How we doing, sweetie?  Any of those a possibility?"

     "No!  They all look like shit on me."  Then remembering that none of this was the woman's fault, she added, "I'm sorry.  Do you think you could bring me the other bunch of size 5s?  The ones I left near the cashier?"

      "But didn't you already try those on, dear?"

      " Yeah, I did.  But I'm thinking that maybe a couple of them were okay.  I can't remember."

       There was a moment's pause, and the woman, determined to salvage some of the past two hours with a sale, forced a cheerful "No problem" from her lips.

        Maybe this whole fiasco with the dress was a sign she should forget about going to Maureen O'Kenney's wedding.  Just not show up.   It wasn't as if anyone there would miss her.  And it was even more doubtful that there'd be a decent opportunity to talk to the groom about a future job as a Deputy.  Not in the midst of his own wedding reception.  Plus, staying home would allow her to put off having to face Kevin.  Or rather, Fr. O'Kenney, as it now was.  Sending last minute regrets...a bad case of the problems...whatever...would save her from dealing with what was sure to be a lot of awkward moments.

        But the thought made her guilty, as if she were some type of quitter.  A coward.  She had just spent time with Maureen at her bridal showers, and had promised, on her honor, that she was going to show up to this circus.  Mo had even arranged for her to share an overnight room with her Maid of Honor, Allison, who always seemed up for some fun, and who had begged for the company.  To back out now, at this late date, would be rather rude, and surely hurt Maureen's feelings.  Besides, she was curious to meet her friend's future husband.  Despite the fact that he was heir to some big ass fortune, information on the internet about him was sparse, and the few images she found were several years old.  One thing was sure, if he still looked anything like he did in those photos, Momo was a hell of a lucky girl.

      The clerk returned with the stack of requested dresses, beaming a I-need-the-commission smile, and dragging along a few size 7s...on a lark...reminding her the store offered free alterations if needed.  Locked in the tiny cubicle, Roxie held up one dress after another, not even sure what was appropriate for "a good friend marrying a rich guy" kind of affair.  For the most part, she was either at school, where the dress code consisted of leggings, jeans, and t-shirts, or at Ruby's, where clothes weren't a huge part of the evening.  She had plenty of apparel for going out to the clubs, and a set of favorite field clothes she wore when she was doing surveillance for her small investigative jobs, but none of those seemed right for the impression she wanted to make.  She sure as hell didn't want something that screamed "Exotic Dancer" when she walked through the door, or anything that made her stick out, for that matter.   Blending in was the key, and on how to accomplish that objective, she wasn't sure.
     Amidst the generous harvest of styles and colors, Roxie managed to narrow the field down to four suitable choices, each one completely different from the others.  Sighing, she tried every one on again, fretting and fussing in front of the mirror, and wishing she had brought some one along for the benefit of a second opinion.  


    It was altogether a shitty week.  Finding Cassie in his house last Thursday was a gut-clenching shock, and made him rethink the quality of his security.  Up until then, he had been comfortable that his general anonymity, and the expensive wireless system, had been enough to keep him secure.  But the fact that she had so easily breached it, proved that he needed a serious update.  And soon.  If an amateur like Donaghue was able to enter his home without him being aware, then a trained operative would find it child's play.  Not that he expected anyone to come looking for him here in Dollyville, but there was no reason to take unnecessary chances.

    The more pressing issue was what to do with the psycho bitch who didn't seem to take "Fuck Off" as an answer.  He had rounded her up, and dragged her out of the house as quickly as possible, and as far as he knew, no one had seen them.  He had spent the wee hours of the morning driving to Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut, where he unceremoniously dumped her at the gate, bought a one way ticket back to Daytona, Florida,( her supposed home base), and watched as she boarded the damn plane.  Once Donaghue was air borne, he contacted an associate who owed him a favor. Assurances were made to keep the nut job under constant surveillance until the wedding was over, and the newlyweds left for their honeymoon.  After that, Beckett would need to deal with the woman on a more permanent basis, but at the present moment, his focus could remain on the upcoming wedding.

     He had spent the rest of that weekend taking care of general business at the station, and touched based with the powers that be about where he'd be traveling, and how long he would be unavailable.  When Sunday finally rolled around, he was mentally ready to pick Maureen back up from Boson, and begin his final week as a single male, while ending it as a husband.  Arriving at her brother Jamie's home, it was obvious that the Mustang was not equipped to cart home all the crap she had accumulated
during the bridal showers in her honor, and arrangements were made to ship all the things to his house in Dollyville, where he had no idea what they would do with three electric frying pans, several sets of crystal stem ware, and an array of cutesy ice buckets.  The bride herself was overflowing with quips, complaints and bitchy commentary about the visit, and by the time they arrived back home, he found himself nursing the start of a nasty tension headache.  If, in that moment, Beckett had even the slightest idea of what was to come in the week ahead, he might have worked harder at convincing his bride to throw tradition to the wind, and elope with him to Vegas.


       The thought of his entire family's arrival, and his sister's journey to the altar, gave Fr. Kevin a bad case of heart burn, which he was pretty sure had now turned into acid reflux disease.  Since that night
at the gas station, where he had the misfortune of seeing Beckett driving around with a strange woman , he had polished off  an entire bottle of antacids with virtually no relief.  Even now, the burning sensation churned up from his belly like hot lava of the volcanic intestines.  He spent several sleepless nights tossing and turning over the question of whether he should say anything to Maureen, or confront the Sheriff himself, but came to no decision.  There was little doubt that neither of them would appreciate his interference, and if turned out to be a harmless coincidence, he'd feel like a complete ass, and an even bigger trouble maker.

        He even thought about calling up one his older brothers, and asking their advice on the delicate matter, but couldn't decide who it should be.  Patrick was the logical choice, but as far Fr. Kevin could tell, his eldest brother thought Ted Beckett walked on water, and that Maureen had hit the husband jackpot.  Kev could dig up a body in the man's front lawn, and Patrick would still probably shake the guy's hand, and welcome him into the family.  He thought about pulling Jamie to the side and speaking with him, but worried that he'd blab to the rest of the family.  Jamie was awful at keeping secrets, and until he was 100% sure Beckett was at fault, the fewer people who knew, the better off they were.

       So, when his future brother in law pulled up to the the church's front steps, unexpectedly, the afternoon before the rehearsal dinner, Fr. Kevin took it as divine intervention that he was meant to set things straight about the events of that questionable night.

Fr. Kevin and Beckett have words
      Beckett had spent most of the day dealing with the arrival of the O'Kenneys in Dollyville. The clan had arrived en masse by car and train, and he had spent the better part of Friday hassling with the logistics of settling them all into the Park West.  The family, plus a few odd friends, took up an entire floor of the hotel, and everywhere he turned there were children of all ages.  Babies, toddlers, small kids and teens over ran the hallways, the fitness room, and had solidly taken over the small indoor pool.  The O'Kenneys were obviously a fertile bunch of good Catholics, and he shuddered to think that his own future might include a brood of look alike rugrats.

       By the time 2 PM rolled around, he simply had enough of the handshaking and back slapping from Maureen's brothers, and the unending twittering and fussing of their wives.  He professed a need to check in with Fr. Kevin over at the church regarding tomorrow's ceremony, and begged off an invitation to join them all for a beer in the hotel's tiny bar.  What he really wanted, was a to share a Guiness and a few minutes of peace and quiet with the only O'Kenney, besides his bride, that he felt comfortably enough to chat with, and he was pleased to find Fr. Kevin alone at the church.

      "I bring greetings, Padre, from your family.  They seem to have handily taken over the Park West."

      "So I hear from Maureen."

      Feeling a definite frost in the air, Beckett worked at warming up the conversation.  "The blushing bride seems to be taking all the excitement in stride.  I left her giggling over lunch with all of your brother's wives."

       "Yeah...I guess it must be a joy to live unawares of the sordid details."

        Beckett looked at him with narrowed eyes.  "Just what is it your implying, O'Kenney?"

        "You tell me, Sheriff.  You're the one who keeps his cards close to his vest."

       "Hell, Kev!  Stop talking in friggn' metaphors, and spit it out.  You got something to say, just go ahead and say it.  I thought we were beyond this game playing bullshit."

        Kevin stopped his polishing of the stained glass, and stared at the man with the best evil eye he could muster.  "I saw you."

        For an instant, Beckett looked confused, and then his face froze into an emotionless mask.  "You have me at a disadvantage, Father.  I'm not exactly sure what you mean."

       "Last Thursday night.  I saw you.  At the gas station.  With a woman in your car that was definitely not my sister.  The sister who was back home in Boston celebrating her upcoming marriage... to you."

        If the Sheriff was surprised at Kevin's revelation, he didn't show it.  "I see.  And if I told you that there is a logical explanation for what you saw, would you trust me, and leave it at that?"

        "Not a freakn' chance, Beckett.  I've been agonizing for a solid week as to whether I should go ahead and break my sister's heart with this information."

         "You didn't mention this to Maureen, did you?"

        "No.  I just couldn't bring myself to tell her.  How do you say something like that to someone you love dearly.  It would kill her to know you're cheating on her."

         Beckett tisked in disgust.  "I wasn't cheating on Maureen.  It's complicated."  He ran a hand through his hair, uncomfortable with the discussion.

        "Well, sure.  That's explains everything.  Thanks so much."  Fr. Kevin's sarcasm turned to anger.  "You must think I'm six shades of stupid, Beckett.  I've had it up to here with your secretive, need to know answers.  I don't live with my head up my ass.  I'm well aware of what was going on, and implying that what it was you were doing is beyond my feeble comprehension is just damn insulting."

        His face grim, Beckett warily explained.  " wasn't a strange woman in my car.  It was Cassie.  Donghue.  McKreedy. Whatever name you wanna use."

         "So that makes it better?  She's your ex!  What reason could you possibly have for her being in your car in the middle of the night, other than picking up where you left off?  I need to put a stop to this whole wedding, before Maureen makes the biggest mistake of her life.  Pregnant or not, she doesn't need an asshole like you in her life."

         "For Maureen's sake, I'm gonna forget that you just said that, O'Kenney.  Otherwise, I might have to rip your head off your shoulders.  There's no fuckn' way I'm carrying on with that crazy bitch!  She was in my house when I got home last Thursday.  She somehow managed to jam the security system, and sneak in.   She was down in  Damn well shocked the living crap out of me.  She even drugged my dog!  The woman's off her nut.  Completely and utterly living in some freakoid fantasy world."

        This turn of events left Fr. Kevin not sure what to think.  "But why did she come back here?  She must understand how risky it is.  Marzano can't have given up on looking for her.  And why didn't you just arrest her?  For breaking and entering.  Then she'd be safely locked up."

      "I thought about arresting her, but decided against it.  For one, I couldn't hold her very long on a simple B and E.  She'd post bail and be out in less than 48 hours, and with the wedding in a week, I needed her gone on a more permannent basis.  Plus, I wanted to spare Maureen all the scandal her arrest would probably bring.  You know how things are here in town.  You can't fart without everybody knowing about it.  That's not the kind of publicity you want on your wedding day.  I thought it best if she just went away."

     "So where is she now?"  It was Kevin's to be wary.

     "I drove her to Hartford, and put her on a plane to Daytona.  Supposedly that's where she's been for the past three months.  I watched her board, and then take off.  I'm 100% sure she's not within 500 miles of Dollyville."

     "Yeah, but what makes you think she isn't gonna just turn around and come right back.  If she's obsessed like you say, she's not gonna give up that easy."

      "I've got that covered  You needn't worry."

      " Shit, Beckett!  I'm still gonna worry!  Don't you think you ought to warn Maureen about all this.  Especially if this crazy woman is hell bent on coming after you, or anyone attached to you.  This definitely puts my sister at risk."

      "I absolutely do not want Maureen to know about any of this.  She deserves the wedding she's dreamed of, without having to look over her shoulder every five minutes.  Plus, all the extra stress can't be good for she, or the baby.  Maureen is my own concern, and I'll do what I think best for her. There's no logical reason to alarm her.  I've hired security to follow Cassie from the moment she landed in Daytona.  They've been on her every minute since, and have orders to prevent her from leaving Florida, in what ever manner necessary.  Once Maureen and I return from our honeymoon, I'll try to come up with a more permanent solution.  But until then, I'm confident the problem's being adequately handled.  Leave this to me, Kevin.  I know what I'm doing."

Copyright 2013 Victoria T. Rocus
All Rights Reserved

There's still time to help Roxie select the perfect dress for Ted and Maureen's wedding, and be entered in the give away!  See the  Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 post for more details!





  1. espero que no haya mas imprevistos y que la boda pueda celebrarse sin ningun problema
    ya estoy impaciente



    1. Hola querida Mari!
          Sí, puedo entender su impaciencia. Los O'Kenneys están ansiosos para esta boda que tendrá lugar. Por supuesto, tenemos que tener la cena de ensayo primero ... ¿verdad? LOL
           Todo llegará a ser muy pronto.
      Gracias por sus lindos comentarios cada semana,

      Hello dear Mari!
      Yes, I can understand your impatience. The O'Kenneys are anxious for this wedding to take place. Of course, we need to have the rehearsal dinner first...right? LOL
      All will come to be very soon.
      Thanks for your lovely comments every week,

  2. Gosh more problems : D This wedding must be the most stressful wedding ever and it hasn't even happened yet lol. I am sure that you have some surprises in store for us on the day and thats not even counting the Kevin Roxie meeting. I can't wait to read more.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Oh Maria,

      Nothing is ever easy for Maureen! Remember the nickname her brothers gave her..."Red the Wrecker"? Why would her wedding be any different? LOL But don't worry. She'll make a very lovely bride. (Her dress is coming along nicely, BTW)
      We're almost there...that is unless Cassie has her way. ; )
      Best to you and yours,

  3. Howdy do Vicki!!

    Things are sure heating up! Will she or won't she? Cassie that is. Will she show up or not??? Then there is of course Roxie and her dress and more importantly her meeting up with Kevin! I'll be up in the U.P. of Michigan by the time the wedding happens but you can bet iPad will travel just to keep up on the big day ;-) It sounds like Beckett can't wait to be assigned away from his bride and child so is trouble brewing in paradise before the ring is even on his finger? Just curious :-) Speaking of curiosity, I'm very curious about what the surprise is for one of us lucky contestants.... I suppose I'll just have to be curious! I'll try to check in Wednesday in the midst of my packing frenzy for our camping trip! LOL!


    1. Hi Susan!

      You're right! Lots of questions surrounding this wedding. And I promise they will all be answered in the next few weeks. (Of course, I'm not promising there won't be more to follow. LOL) And once they are married, the happy couple will surely have to have a lovely little honeymoon, won't they? Such fun in store.

      I think the participation prize will have to remain a mystery, just like bits and pieces of this storyline. Everyone loves a surprise, right?

      Enjoy your camping trip, and good luck with the Wi-Fi!

  4. Dun dun dun dun....
    You've given us yet another clue as to how 'eventful' this wedding will be! (Beckett and eloping in Vegas) You certainly will have my undivided attention! I also certainly do hope Beckett will have it under his control. Wait. Oh God, please tell me Cassie will not show up with a gun. Let there be other chaos!


    1. Hello my friend,
      Cassie? With a gun? Surely, she is far more clever than that. I think she'd want something a bit more "flashy", don't you? And Beckett...he just wants the whole damn thing over.
      Let the chaos begin! bahaaahhaahhha


  5. ok, drugging the bride maybe? Who know what evil lurks in your mind...