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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Sneak Peek "Teaser" Post

   Happy Wednesday Dear Readers!

        Because it is Wednesday, and I am on summer break, I've decided to give you a little "Sneak Peek" look at Saturday's post.  (Which promises to be a nice long one!)  Enjoy this little "teaser"...things are heating up in Dollyville!

Outside the Park West Hotel, Dollyville, Massachusetts
Might that be Beckett's Mustang out front?

      By the time Beckett reached the hotel lobby, all he could see of Maureen was a flash of green dress and red hair disappearing through the revolving front door.  He thought about going after her on foot, but quickly changed his mind.  There was no damn way he was going to chase her down the street like some friggn' dog catcher after a run away puppy.  He'd pick up the Mustang from the valet, and follow her in the car.  In the meantime, he figured she wouldn't get very far in those spiked heels.

     Standing in the afternoon heat waiting for the valet, he silently fumed.  Just what the hell was her damn problem?  Against the sound advice of his own attorney, he had been exceedingly generous with the arrangements.  If he suddenly found himself dead, she'd be a very wealthy woman.  And if they ended up becoming just another divorce statistic, Maureen O'Kenney would still live very comfortably indeed.  There was no reason at all for her to carry on as she did.  It was silly, childish and extremely disrespectful, and when he caught up with her, he sure as hell was going to tell her so.

     Not for the first time, he questioned his sanity over the decision to marry this tiny, vanilla cupcake.  He liked his women experienced.  Compliant.  Obedient.  She was none of those things.  In fact, there were times he thought she purposely did the opposite of what he asked, simply to see if she could get a rise out of him.  An outright brat, who obviously didn't know the first thing about submission.  He ought to have his head examined for mixing it up with her in the first place, and if he still had a half a brain in his head, he would call the whole damn thing off.  Pay child support, and drag his sorry ass out of the line of fire while he still could.

      Beckett looked at his watch, and began to pace.  It was taking too damn long for them to bring the car around.  By now, she might be several blocks away.  Wandering around in those ridiculously sexy shoes.  What if she turned an ankle?  Tripped over a stone, and fell on her face?  And was it all that sensible for someone in her condition to be hiking around in this oppressive summer humidty?  Not to mention the unwanted attention she was probably garnishing in that clingy, little dress.  A wrong turn here or there, and she could end up in some lousy neighborhood.  And it would be his damn fault for being shitty about the car.

    When they finally pulled the Mustang around, Beckett throw a $20 at the kid, and began moving slowly around the streets nearest the hotel.  He eventually located her about eight blocks away, now barefoot, and carrying the Loubouton's in her hand.  Maneuvering across traffic, he pulled up at a corner where she was waiting for the light to change, and rolled down the window.  "Get in the car, Maureen."

     She shook her head vigorously, side to side, refusing to speak.

     "I'm asking nicely.  If you don't comply, I will put you in it myself, and I guarantee you will not enjoy the way in which I do it."

To be continued...


  1. todos los hombres son iguales, pretenden solucionarle la vida a una , quiera o no
    estoy deseando ver en que acaba esta pelea

    disfruta de tus vacaciones



    1. Tienes razón, Mari!
          La mayoría de los hombres no quieren dirigir tu vida, y algunos, como Beckett, son expertos en ella!
           Espero que te haya gustado la vista previa del mensaje del sábado. Será una buena ... lo prometo!

      Abrazos de nuevo a usted!

      You are so right, Mari!
      Most men do want to run your life, and some, like Beckett, are experts at it!
      Hope you liked the preview of Saturday's post. It will be a good one...I promise!

      Hugs back at you!

  2. And of course we all know why Beckett is intrigued by Maureen... she is the exact opposite of what he THINKS he wants in a woman. Ahh... but the test of time factor -is it really love???? Did they ever say I love you? I cant recall. (ok to keep that as a rhetorical question. ;) )

    I cant wait to read the rest. (no commnents as to why I am always the last to get here) Later, Bye. B

    More Modlcloth! And B3

    1. Hi ya B!
      Maureen apparently has said those three little magic words...but it seems as Mr. Beckett has not. And no doubt, that omission is always at the back of her mind.
      BTW...thanks for the clicks.

  3. Nice little sneaky peek into those gears in Beckett's head ;)

    1. Thanks Jane,
      And he does have some fine gears in that head. LOL

  4. Today Beckett is an ass lol I must say that though Maureen is a brat Beckett sure needs taking down a peg or two :D Men geeze they think they know it all hehe. Thanks for the great teaser ;)
    Hugs Maria

    1. Yes, Maria...he is an ass...a decidedly hot one...but an ass none the less. In his defense, I am pretty sure he does not like the fact that Maureen gets under his skin. He believes himself above "all that".

      What a pair these two make. Life will never be boring...that's for sure.
      Glad you enjoyed the "teaser". The rest of the post is pretty darn entertaining as well. (Does that make sound conceited? Lol)
      Hugs back,

  5. Yikes! That's the way to talk to a woman when you want her to do something. Beckett sure is a big jerk. LOL! Thanks for giving us such a bad guy character to get mad at.

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Beckett is...well...Beckett. Don't expect him to change anytime soon. One minute smooth as silk...the next...arrogant as hell. Complex character and a hell of a lot of fun to write. I think he's planning on giving Christian Gray a run for his money.
      Thanks for dropping a line,