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Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Sincere Apologies Dear Readers...

    for missing my self imposed publishing deadline!  It is Graduation Week at the Day Job, and I have been swamped with finalizing grades, a day long trip to Six Flags Great America, Honors Night, a last day pizza party, and tomorrow, the actual graduation!  This week's chapter will be published on Sunday, June 2nd, sometime in the late afternoon.

   As always, I am entirely grateful for your continued support.  I promise you a great post tomorrow...and in the meantime, for your entertainment, I am sharing this crazy photo my teaching partner and I took at the amusement park on Wednesday...

Goofing around at the amusement park...I'm the nut on the left!


  1. I love those old timey photos! You gals look like your having a blast ;)

    1. Hi Jane...

      It really was a lot of fun! Laughed so hard, nearly wet my pants!
      Some days, I think we are just as bad as the 13 -14 yr olds we teach.

      Hope you'll come back later for the real post. Poor Fr. Kevin is loaded with angst.