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Thursday, August 16, 2012

        What the hell!?  That priest was like a bad penny, always turning up at the wrong times and in the wrong places.  She wanted to respect the man's position, but damn, he was getting to be a royal pain in the ass. The explosion should have been a sure thing.  A fail safe plan to get rid of the bitch, and all the problems that seemed to cling to her like moss. And because of him, and that asshole Sheriff, she had to rethink her options.  Now it looked like Plan B would also be a no-go.

      She could understand the whole Beckett thing. Figures he'd be like all the rest, and fall for that slut. She attracted men simply by breathing.  But what was the priest's deal?  He couldn't possibly be hot for her too, could he?  Had she read him all wrong?  She hoped the hell not.  Too much depended on him being exactly what his title said he was.

         She watched the number lights on the elevator reach the sixth floor, and silently groaned.  It was no use.  Father O'Kenney had surely gone back to woman's room.  Had he recognized her in the few fleeting seconds before the door closed?  She couldn't be sure, and for the sake of both of them, she wouldn't take the risk.  Prison was simply not an option.  She'd need to regroup and start on Plan C.

         Taking the pint of juice off the cart, she dumped it in the closest trash can, pushing it deeply towards the bottom.  It wouldn't do to have someone notice it before it hit the dumpster.  Satisfied that the container was hidden, she dragged the food cart into a storage closet, and pulled off the stiff pink uniform smock.  Checking that the hallway was clear of people, she slipped out the rear exit, and never looked back.


       Cassie heard the ting of the elevator reaching the 6th floor, and listened for the footsteps as they moved toward her room.  She propped herself up in bed, fluffing her hair, and wetting her lips.  It was about time.  They had been gone almost an hour, and she was crawling out of her skin waiting to hear what was going on.  She'd seen the look on Teddy's face when he came back into the room after his little visit with the nurse, and she knew him well enough to know he wasn't a happy camper.  When he and the priest immediately disappeared for a sudden "breakfast", she knew something had to be up.  Being left out of the loop made one vulnerable, and no way was she leaving herself in that position.

        When only Fr. O'Kenney walked into the room, she was initially disappointed.  But realizing an opportunity when she saw one, she decided on a change of plans. She laid her head back on the pillow, and gave a soft moan.

        "Have a nice breakfast, Father?"  Her voice came out as a soft whimper.

         "I did.  Thanks for asking, Ms. McKreedy.  How are you feeling?  Shall I call for a nurse?"

         "Now, Father.  I already told you. We're like family now, so I really want you to call me Cassie, okay?"  She reached over and patted Kevin on the arm.  "I'll be fine.  Nothing to worry about.  Just a little dizzy spell."  She moved in the bed, and grimaced.  "So Father, where's my wonderful fiance?"

          "He asked me to apologize, Ms. McKr...I mean Cassie.  He got a call from the...uh...secretary at the County Office, and he needed to check on something.  Said he'd be back later this afternoon, and that you should get some rest"

          "Poor Teddy.  He's the one that needs some rest!  Being a hero can be so exhausting. Don't worry about little ole' me, Fr. O'Kenney. I'll be just fine...alone here in my big ole' hospital bed.  I'd better get use to his commitment to duty if I'm going to be the wife of Dollyville's only law man."  She sighed loudly, tucked the blankets around her middle.  "Besides, it gives the two of us a chance to have a nice little chat." Pointing to the chair nearest the bed, she gave him a dimpled smile and said, "Have a seat, Father, and make yourself comfortable."

Copyright 2012 Victoria Rocus


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