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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thanks to all of you who have followed this little mystery all summer long.  Now that the new school year is about to begin, Madame Mystery will probably need to take a hiatus.  Is there more coming?  You betcha!  I'm sure you're wondering...what exactly happened in NewOrleans that has left Elizabeth so angry and bitter?  What will Fr. Kevin do with all that  stolen money?  And if Cassie now knows that Father has it, will she attempt to steal it back?  Will the Sheriff figure out what his fiance is really like, and will it matter?  Will Tessa Peppers actually go to prison?  And who is the father of Elizabeth's baby?

I actually do know the answers to these questions, and more.  I'm not sure when the next full post will be.  Once I'm in "school mode" my entire focus is usually there.  But who can tell?  Maybe I will get itchy to continue the story earlier than next summer.  In the mean time, Fr. Kevin now has his own Facebook account, and has promised to update his status and let us know what's going on in Dollyville.  And once he figures out his ipad, he might even post some photos on his wall.  You can friend him and have access to all his updates.  Look for him on Facebook as "Kevin O'Kenney"...send a request, and he will add you as a friend.  He also can be reached at  ( There is no "e" between the 'n' and the 'y' in the email address...long story about why that came about)

So...until we meet at this spot again, I wish all of you the very best.  I have truly appreciated all your support.  It has been a thrill to have readers in six different continents, and I hope I was able to at least bring a smile to your hectic days.

Madame Mystery  (aka Vicki)

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  1. Shucks! I was getting interested!! Fun reading!! I almost always read self improvement or massage therapy related to take a break with something different and not too far out (sexually explicit) Keep up the good work, Madam Mystery, you are "on to" something big!!! EV