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Thursday, July 19, 2012

       By the time Cassie McKreedy woke on Monday morning, the fire at Su Casa Restaurant was old news.  It was possible she was the only one left in Dollyville who didn't know the town had tragically lost yet another citizen.  Trying to shake off the last of the Ambien, she rolled over and reached for her iphone, buried somewhere on the clutter of the nightstand.   She thought maybe she'd Skype Teddy and say hello, but checking out her hair in the full mirror, decided she'd just text him instead.  No use destroying his belief that she rolled out of bed looking like an angel each morning.

     She listened for Liz's footsteps above her head, but heard nothing.  She thought maybe she had gone downstairs to start breakfast, but Cassie couldn't smell the fresh coffee that was usually her signature scent.  "She's probably still pissed at me." Cassie mumbled.  "Such a crybaby."  She turned her attention back to composing her text to Sheriff Beckett.

     Hello my love.  Miss u!!!!  What do you say 2 a lte morng visit?  Have silk ties ready!

    A few moments later, her cell phoned buzzed back.  Wish i could... swamped at work... rain check?

    Cassie made a face and typed back.  u rather be at work than with me?  :(

    lol...of course not sweetheart...crzy here bcause of fire

    What fire?

    U dont know? Su Casa burned last nite.  Found Rivera woman body inside.  

   Just got up. didnt know  accident?

   Not sure.  fire marshall investgtng.

   r u sure u can't get away 4 little while?  miss u mood to be a bad girl  ;)

   lol...dont tempt me...luv bad girls!  maybe early evening????  worth the wait! im not happy :(

    will bring a present.  will that help?

    the kind I like?  ;)

    4 sure!

    ok...u r 4given.  C u when?

    maybe round 5?

    okay...bring some champagne...and the present!  i have strawberries ...and whip cream   ;)

    lol...u gonna kill me!

    yes...but what a way to go!  :)

    gotta go...2 many people here now..ttyl

    C u at 5  oxoxoxoxoxoxo

    right bck at ya! 

       Cassie slipped the phone back onto the night stand, and rolled out of bed, grabbing her robe from the chair.  She padded down the stairs to a quiet kitchen, where the coffee pot stood cold and empty.
" here?"  When there was no answer, Cassie made the rounds of the room downstairs. "Hello?  Elizabeth, where are you?"  Only silence returned her response, and a sliver of fear ran through her slight body.

         Tearing back up the stairs to the third floor, Cassie burst into the tiny room without so much as a
knock.  The bedroom was empty, the bed neatly made, and the gifted ipod carefully laid at the foot.
She flipped open the dresser drawers to find not a stitch of clothing, and the closet was void of her old, worn suitcases.  It appeared that sometime during the night, Elizabeth had packed up and left.  "Oh shit...what have you gone and done now, you crazy bitch?"  She sat at the end of the bed, flinging the ipod across the room.

         It was just about then that Cassie had a sudden, horrible thought.  She raced back down a flight of stairs to her room, and reached under the bed for the blue suitcase. Pulling it out, and flinging open the lid, she screamed in frustration at the sight of the empty luggage.



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  1. Why do I find myself rooting for Lizzie right now?!?