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Thursday, July 12, 2012

            Tessa Peppers shifted in her bed and noticed that the pain over her right eye had somewhat subsided.  She could even open both eyes and squint at the tiny bit of light breaking under the pulled shade, without feeling waves of nausea rolling over her.  It was a good sign that maybe, just maybe, the worst was over.

         The migraine had cost her an entire day as a prisoner in her darkened bedroom.  When she felt as bad as she had today, there was little to nothing that could shorten the duration of the monster attack, and this one had been a real doozy.  It had started with the flashing, squiggly lights in her line of vision, and had rapidly progressed to the blinding, pounding pain that sent her fleeing to solitary confinement.  And now here it was...nearly 8:00 pm...and a whole day of campaigning... lost.

         She had been forced to cancel her speech at the Women's Club brunch, and the group's president had made sure she knew what an inconvenience the change had caused.  She had hoped she'd feel better for her interview with the Dollyville Gazzette later in the day, but was unable to even finish dressing, and had reluctantly called the reporter to reschedule.  The reporter, annoyed that he'd be needing another story so close to deadline, was non-committal to a follow-up date.  And right now, at this very moment, she was missing the Hoffman's annual western themed barbeque, an event that was the highlight of her friend's summer.  Tapping down the rage that was building in her gut, she swung her feet over the edge of the bed, and tried to sit up.

     Yes, the pain had definitely lost it's edge.  She slowly got up, crossed the room to her vanity, and seating herself in front of the mirror, took a brush to her  matted hair.  The migraine was gone, but the problem that had caused it was still hanging heavy over her, thick as smoke.  The contents of the envelope
had shocked her beyond belief, as she was sure she had put an end to that horrible issue.  Apparently, she had been both careless and wrong, and now the damn thing was again back, biting at the heels of her campaign like a vicious, mongrel dog.

        Grimacing at the reflection in the vanity glass, she mumbled to herself, "Well, my dears, everyone knows what happens to vicious dogs.  They need to be put down... once and for all."  She knew exactly what must be done, and gladly had the experience to finish the job.  Making her tired body move from the chair, Tessa began the process of planning out the rest of the evening.  Smiling to herself, she knew Thomas would have his memorial park, and she would be mayor.  They could count on it.


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