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Friday, July 13, 2012

           With a few swipes of the keys on her laptop, the damaging evidence slipped away.   Technology just made the whole thing so damn easy.  Cassie McKreedy reached under the bed to check that the blue suitcase was still there.  There was something about sitting on a half a million dollars that gave a girl ease.  If money couldn't buy happiness, it sure as hell could buy some independence.

           Checking her Facebook, Cassie noticed that Ted Beckett had left a message on her wall.  "Had a wonderful time with a special lady.  When can I see you again?"  Poor Teddy.  It wasn't as if she had purposely went out to try and hurt him.  There were always causalities in this type of thing.  Just part of the over all plan.  Ted was a nice enough guy...funny, attractive, considerate.  They even shared some of...well..the same hobbies.  But his real draw was his position as Sheriff.  People laughed at the term "pillow talk, but information gathered that way had pulled Cassie out of more than one pile of shit.  And it wasn't as if she didn't care for these guys at all.  When they were together, she gave each one of them her adoring, undivided attention.  What man didn't appreciate that, even for a short while?

          Looking at the time at the top of the computer, she realized that it was nearly 8:00 PM, and that she was starving.  Ted had wanted to take her out for a bite to eat, but of course that wouldn't work.  He said he understood about the agoraphobia, but most people never really knew the limitations the unreal fear could cause.  She and Dr. Patterson had made some progress, with short walks around the block.  But out in the open, Cassie still felt lost and fearful, shaken to her very core.  Now that the money part was settled, she'd have to concentrate on being able to travel, otherwise her disability could wreck this whole scheme.

         She picked up her cell phone to call Liz, whose light footsteps she could hear above her head.  "Hey, Lizzie girl!  What's up?  You hungry?  No...he's gone.  Yeah, you can come down.  Let's decide what we want to eat.  I'm starving."

         A few moments later, her cousin poked her head into Cassie's room.  "Hi Cas.  Can I come in?"

        Cassie patted the bed next to her, and Liz dutifully plopped herself down.  "How was your date?
Was he nice?"

         "Oh, Teddy Beckett is very nice, Liz.  A real sweetie pie.  We had a wonderful time."

         "Beckett?  As in Sheriff Beckett?"

         "Yup, one and the same."

         "Cassie, you're not actually dating the Sheriff of this town, are you?  Isn't that ...well...risky?  Especially in our situation?"

          "That's how little you know, Elizabeth, and why I've always been the brains of this partnership.  Having the Sheriff under my thumb and on my radar is an asset."  She laughed, showing Liz her set of perfect, white teeth.  "It's a dirty job, but some body's got to do it.  Nothing to worry about cousin.  I got everything under control."

          "What about the paper trail?"

           "Just took care of that.  Poof!  All gone...just like that.  In a couple weeks, we'll be out of this hick town, and on our way to somewhere exciting.  Where do you think, Lizzie?" as her fingers flew over the keyboard.  "Paris?  Greece?  Somewhere sunny and tropical, I think."  Not getting an answer back, Cassie looked up from her computer screen displaying scenes of sun and surf, and noticed a confused expression on her cousin's pale face.  "What's wrong now?  I told you..stop worrying.  I got it all covered!"

           "It's just...well...I have something to tell you, and I know you're not going to like it."

           Her attention now totally focused on her cousin, Cassie warned, "Just spit it out Liz, and stop playing your baby games.  What the hell is bothering you?'

           Wringing her hands, Elizabeth tried to explain, " know on the day Rivera was  murdered?"

           "Yes.  So what about it?"

           " I was really nervous that day.  I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd go to early Mass."

           "You were at the murder scene on the morning it happened!  Shit!  You better tell me you were wearing the disguise when you went!"

           "I'm sorry, Cassie.  I just didn't want to put on all that make-up.  I thought I'd just slip in and out, and nobody would notice me.  I wanted..."  Elizabeth never saw her cousin's hand coming, and when Cassie's hand connected with her check, the slap left her startled and in pain.

           "You stupid bitch!  How could you have been so careless?  I told you over and over again, not to go out without the disguise.  You had one little part in this deal, and you screwed it up!  I could really hurt you right now, family or not!  Did anyone see you?"

          "I don't think so.  I got there early, and was praying the rosary.  When people started coming in, I moved and sat in the last pew by the door.  I didn't even stay for the whole thing.  I slipped out right after Communion...and...and there he was...lying by the grotto...all bloody.  I got scared and ran all the way back to the B and B."

          "And nobody saw you running away?"

           "No!  It was early, and people weren't out yet.  I swear!  No one saw me.  But..." Elizabeth moved off the bed, and out of her cousin's easy reach.  "I think I dropped something."  She paused, and her breath hitched,  "Grandma's rosary.  It's missing, and I can't find it anywhere."






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