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Saturday, July 13, 2013

"We've Only Just Begun...Part 1"

A Note to My Readers...

     Although this fiction blog is illustrated with photos of dolls, and dollhouse miniatures, the language and content is intended for an adult audience.  Please be advised.

Thank You,
      The Author

Beckett checks his email...and gets disturbing news
        It was nearly 1 AM when the manager finally ushered the last of the rehearsal guests out the front door of Salvatore's.  It was hard to tell exactly who was holding who upright, as the men gathered on the sidewalk in the front of the restaurant.  Leaning between his brothers, Jamie and Brendan, Patrick worked at maneuvering his iPhone in an attempt to call for a taxi back to the Park West.  Of the group, only Fr. Kevin was sober enough to drive his rented Toyota, while the Groom and his Best Man debated about the possibility of walking home instead of taking either of their cars.

         When he first arrived for the celebration, Beckett had no intention of getting hammered.  He was set to be on his very best behavior in preparation for the stress of the following day, and was planning to make an early evening of it.  But Maureen's insistence that they spend the night apart, and the appearance of his long time buddy, combined to tempt him into relaxing his guard, and imbuing more than was prudent for the night before one's wedding.

         As the discussion of transportation volleyed among the group, Beckett took the opportunity to check his voice and email for the first time in a number of hours.  Seeing the large amount of missed calls, and the long list of waiting voice mails, he swore under his breath, and stepped away from the cluster of people.  Despite the fact that it was the wee hours of Saturday morning, he dialed the number, and someone on the other end picked up on the first ring.

       "It's Beckett.  What's the problem?"

        "We've been trying to reach you for hours, Sir."

       "I see that.  What's up?"

        There was a moment of hesitation.  "I'm sorry, Sir.  We've seemed to have lost the target."

        The statement hit as a mental kick to his balls, and the gaiety of the previous hours evaporated like steam into the humid night time air.  "Damn it!  How could you lose her?  She was one fuckn' civilian woman!   How the hell could she shake your tail?  You're supposed to be trained agents!  When did you assholes last see her?"

         "I'm sorry, Sir.  I take complete responsibility for this.  We're working around the clock to re-locate her.

        "Answer the damn question, Lister!  When was the last time you had visual contact?"

         The voice on the other end sounded sheepish and strained.  "We followed the target into the Volusia Mall, directly across from the Daytona Speedway, at approximately 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon.  She window shopped a bit, and then entered Macy's at 4:22.  Once inside the department store, she went to the sports wear section, and searched through some racks of swim suits and cover-ups, taking an armful into the store's dressing rooms.  I had a team stationed in various locations just outside the entrance, but she never re-appeared.  After 30 minutes, I asked the saleslady if she could check on my "wife", but the woman returned saying all the dressing rooms were empty."  There was  pregnant pause, and then Lister continued.  "The store had a storage room at the far end of the space we were unaware of.  She must have slipped into there, and exited on the other side of the wall without us noticing."

      Beckett swore again, this time loud enough for the others to hear.  They stopped their conversations, and stared at him with drunken faces.  Turning his back, he asked,  "And there's been no sign of her since?"

      "No, Sir.  But she only had a 30 minute head start on us, and we have the airport, bus terminals, car rentals, and train stations covered.  It would be near impossible for her to travel anywheres out of the Daytona area without transportation."

        Spitting in disgust, Beckett offered, "Unless, she perhaps stole a car from somewhere?"

         There was more silence before the embarrassed agent answered.  "We'll look into that right away, Sir."

          "Do that.  And call me as soon as you hear anything."  He ended the call without further comment, and sliding the phone back into his pants pocket, wandered back to where the rest of men were standing.

           It was Kevin who observed him with suspicion.  "Something wrong, Sheriff?"

            Beckett smiled, hands in his pocket, relaxed.  "Nothing serious, Father.  Just some last minute business for tomorrow's festivities."

            "At 1 AM in the morning?  That seems odd."

            He grinned, and shrugged his shoulders, but the joviality didn't meet his eyes.  "I want everything to be perfect for my bride on our wedding day, Kevin.  If I have to knock some people out of bed, so be it.  I got it all covered."

           Fr. Kevin made a face, but changed the direction of his conversation.  "How 'bout I give you both a ride home?  It's nearly a two mile hike, and it looks like we're gonna see some rain."

          "Thanks, Kevin.  But we're fine.  We could both use the air to clear our head.  The walk will do us good."

         It was Patrick who made the final decision.  "Nonsense, Ted.  Let Kev take you home.  No need for you boys to get soaking wet."  Weaving on his feet,  a silly grin plastered on his face, he added, "Besides, you need to keep your strength up for dealing with my baby sister."

         Beside him, Brendan snorted, "Yeah, brother.  Life with Red the Wrecker is gonna take everything you got.  She's a pint sized bearer of bad luck."  

          With the exaggerated movements of a man who saw the bottom of too many glasses, Jamie put his finger to his lips.  "Shhhh... Brendan.  Don't be telling him that.  He might change his mind, and give her back."

          Doubling over with uncontrolled laughter, the three brothers attempted to pour themselves into the waiting taxi.   Sensing that Kevin would keep after him about the offer of a ride, and nursing the start of a killer head ache, Beckett, with Nolan in tow, shuffled behind the priest to his parked car.  They had barely pulled away from the curb, when Fr. Kevin began his interrogation.

        "So out with it, Beckett.  What the hell is going on?  I saw your face when you made that call.  Something's got you all riled up, and I want to know how it affects my sister."

        Trapped in the front seat with no escape, and with Nolan passed out cold in the back, Beckett grimaced.  The last thing he wanted to admit to was not being in control of the situation.  He pondered the possibility of making up some kind of plausible story, but was too tired to even try spinning the whole disaster.  He figured if he could tell any one, it was probably Kevin, who had proven himself able to keep secrets.  "The people I hired to keep an eye on Cassie...well...they seemed to have lost track of her."

         "What do you mean...'lost track of her'?   You don't where she's at?"  He looked at his sister's fiance sitting next to him in the darkened car.  "Or you think she's coming here?"

          Beckett shrugged, non-committal.  "Not sure.  It could be mean nothing.  Just Cassie letting me know she spotted my tail.  Or, she's figured out some way to get her ass back here to Dollyville.  Hard to tell at this point."

            When Fr. Kevin got upset, he had a tendency to sputter, and with spit flying, he ranted, "You're taking this rather calmly, aren't you, Beckett?  That woman is crazy!  Who knows what she's got in her head.  If something happens to my sister, I'm holding you responsible."

           Disgusted, Beckett wiped a spray of saliva from his cheek.  "Look, Kevin...I am perfectly aware of the situation.  And I'll handle it.  Cassie won't get anywhere near Maureen, and there's no way I'll let her ruin tomorrow.  You have my word."

           "Oh great!  Your word.  Now I can rest easy."  Fr. Kevin clenched the steering wheel tighter in his frustration.  "You can't promise any such thing, Beckett.  You don't have a clue to where that woman is, so how can you assure me she isn't stalking my sister this very minute."  Looking in his rear view mirror for imagined bogeymen, he added, "Or even you, for Pete's sake."

             "Just simple logic, Kev.  My team lost visual contact with her around 5 yesterday afternoon.  She's no dummy.  She'd have to figure that we'd be checking all the terminals...airport, train or bus.  Besides, she absolutely detests crowds.  She was besides herself when I made her fly back to Daytona. I'm guessing she'll drive in.  That's been her preferred method of transportation.  Either she somehow managed to rent a car unbeknownst to my team, or she stole a car somewhere from the mall parking lot."  He looked down at the time on his cell phone.  "It's about a 16 hr drive from Daytona Beach to here...and that's with no reasonable stops.  If she left shortly after they last spotted her, and drives straight through without a break, she should arrive here in Dollyville around 9 or 10 AM.  And when she does...I'll handle it."


       Bridal superstition holds that rain on one's wedding day is a lucky thing.  And if that were true, then Ted and Maureen were guaranteed an exceptional "happily ever after".  Outside, the rain fell from ominous gray clouds into huge puddles of standing water.  From the window of Kevin's second floor bedroom, Maureen watched as the street in front of Holy Family slowly became a small river, and the front lawn evolve into a mucky lake.

       Behind her, Allison began unpacking the multitude of boxes, bags, and parcels that the two of them had carted over from the flat in Kevin's small rental car.  The original plan had been for the bride and maid of honor to dress at Maureen's apartment, and then to walk the block and a half to Holy Family.  Arrangements had even been made by Patrick for them to be escorted to the church by a retinue of Knights of Columbus in full hat and sword regalia.  But the small monsoon that blew into town sometime last night, put an end to any such festivities.

       It was decided, that in the face of nasty weather, the best course of action was for Maureen and Allison to dress at the rectory, thus making the trip to the church a matter of a few steps under several large umbrellas.  Not exactly the entrance the blushing bride had hoped to make, and if the rain kept it's drenching down pour, she'd end up meeting her groom in yellow rain boots.

       Flopping into the chair by the window, Maureen watched her friend dump the contents of several totes on the bed.

        "Mo...did we remember to pack hair spray?  I don't see it anywhere in these bags."

         "Not sure.  There was a can on my sink, but I don't recall packing it."

         "Shit!  Now my damn hair's gonna be all frizzy in..."  She stopped speaking, and put her hand to her mouth.  "Sorry.  I shouldn't be swearing like that.  Standing in a priest's bedroom...and all.  It's probably a sin of some kind."

         "Don't be silly, Al.  You've known Kevin since you were nine years old.  He's just like any other normal person."

          " feels weird being here in the rectory."

          "Not really.  It's just your imagination.  I lived here, you know.  For almost four months when I first came from Boston."  She leaned her elbows on the window sill, and pressed her face to the rain streaked glass.  "Ted kissed me for the very first time on the porch of this house."  With a dreamy sigh, she spoke to no one  in particular.  "I wonder what he's doing right now?  Or if he's thinking of me?"

          "Oh give me a break, Momo.  Of course Ted's thinking of you!  He's crazy about you.  Anybody   can see that!"  It was Allison's turn to sigh.  "I wish somebody would look at me the way that man looks at you.  Like he's working hard to hold back from tearing off your clothes, and having his way with you...right there and then.  I should be so lucky."

         Maureen giggled, and rose to hug her best friend.  "You'll find the right guy, Al.  I'm sure of it.  You just have to wait , and let it happen.  After all that horrible stuff that went on in Boston...with Rick...I didn't think I'd ever fall for anyone again.  But I came here, and the very next day...Poof!  There was Ted.  He had my heart the minute I saw him.  I just had to figure out how to convince him of that."  She smiled, thinking of the past eight months.  "The same thing will happen to you too!"

           Allison kicked off her wet shoes, and laid horizontal across the bed.  "Maybe, Mo.  Maybe even here at your wedding."

          Maureen shot her a curious look.  "Here?  Who?"

          "You did notice how hot Mike Nolan is, didn't you?  I wouldn't mind him kissing me on the front porch...or anywhere else, for that matter."

           "You don't mean Ted's friend...the Best you?"

           "Duh...yeah I do!  The guy's gorgeous!"

           "And a total jerk!  He's so freakin' rude.  A pompous ass, if you ask me."

           "Well, I think he's charming.  And uber sexy.  He kept calling me 'Buttercup' all evening.  I'm getting all sweaty thinking about it.  I only hope he still remembers me today.  He seemed pretty noodled up when we left."

           "You go ahead and have your fun, Al.  But trust me...he doesn't seem like boyfriend material."

         The conversation was interrupted by a soft knock on the bedroom door, and Kevin stuck his head in.  "Lovely's nearly noon.  Don't you think you ought to start getting ready.  I only have the one bathroom, and I know how long Maureen takes in there!"

          The bride pushed herself out of the chair, and reached for her overnight bag.  "You're right, Kev.  We should get a move on.  God forbid I end up late for my own wedding."
Maureen, Allison, and Flower Girl, Maeve, arrive at Holy Family despite the bad weather

      The long hours behind the wheel, and the rhythmic slap, slap, slap of the windshield wipers made it difficult to stay alert.  The rain had begun to come down in earnest somewhere near Philadelphia, and as she proceeded north, it had only gotten worse.  If she hadn't been forced to drive through it, she would have taken perverse pleasure in the thought that the weather was miserable on this particular day. It reinforced her belief that the fates were on her side.

       Until the appearance of the torrential rain, things had gone according to plan.  She had slipped out of the mall unnoticed by any of the dick heads Beckett had obviously hired to watch her.  It hadn't taken  but twelve hours for her to make their surveillance, and from then on, she thought about nothing more than showing that arrogant bastard who he was messing with.  She was pretty sure that her tail never suspected that she was on to them, and would have enjoyed seeing the look of shock on their stupid faces when they discovered the empty dressing room.

         The mall's parking lot was a car thief's paradise, and she had a nice selection from which to chose.  Eventually deciding on a dark blue Lexus, a 2012 model complete with an expensive GPS system, the break in proved to be child's play.  The owner had spent plenty of bucks on the car itself, but had cheaped out on the security system needed to protect it.  She was inside the car, and on the highway, long before any of the morons even knew she was missing.

          In front of her, traffic slowed, and after inching at a snail's pace for two miles, everything came to a complete stop.  Halted in the same spot for almost 30 minutes, she rolled down her window, and pushed her head and upper body out, getting soaked to the skin in the process.  From that perspective, she could see down the unending line of cars trying to inch off the nearest exit, with the flashing lights of several patrol cars indicating that there was some type of problem ahead.  Fiddling with the GPS, she figured to still be about three hours away from Dollyville.  Even without this delay, the schedule was tight, barely giving her enough hours to reach the church in time to give the bride and groom a very special wedding gift.  Now, totally screwed, she'd need to rethink her options.


          Beckett had spent what was left of the night tossing and turning, and at the first light of dawn, decided a grueling run was the order of the day.  His brain seemed to function better when he was up and moving, and after six miles, he had pretty much worked out what needed to be done.

          He and Nolan used the rest of the morning to flesh out the security details for the various venues of the ceremony and reception, and to coordinate a plan of action if, and when, the target finally showed.  Satisfied that he had done all he could to ensure a smooth and safe celebration, he dressed, and made his way over to the church to tackle the last of his issues.
          Getting Maureen to talk to him now would be difficult.  She had been adamant about them staying apart until the ceremony began, and gave him a whole lecture on the mumbo jumbo of wedding superstition.  In any other case, he would have acquiesced to her wishes.  But this was a conversation that needed to take place, and he would have to suffer her wrath over the breaking of bridal tradition.

     Some might think that the way he was handling this touchy problem was unfair, but he believed he knew what was best in her particular case.  She was young and naive, and given to emotional outbursts over the simplest of things  Add to this mix the churning of pregnancy hormones, and it was unlikely she'd be able to look at the situation logically or rationally.  At one point, he even debated over not telling her at all until after the wedding was long over.  But Nolan was right.  She needed to know what was what before she walked down that aisle, and what he proposed to do was for her own damn good.
The Groom arrives at the church on his wedding day...wearing Armani at the request of his Bride
        Even though the ceremony was not scheduled to begin for another hour, the church was already showing signs of filling up.  He recognized several of Maureen's brothers, and their wives, and was directed to the Bride Room on left side of the sacristy, with admonishments not to attempt a sneak peek at his intended.  The small hall way was filled with a group of men wearing hats with plumes, and carrying long pointed swords, as well as others wearing kilts and tuning up bagpipes in a harmony of chaotic noise.  The din was so loud, he needed to knock several times before there was any response from within

        "Who is it?"

        "It's me, baby.  Let me in.  I need to talk to you."


         "Yes, sweetheart.  Let me in, please.  This can't wait."

         "We talked about this, hon.  You're not supposed to see the bride before the ceremony starts.  It's bad luck.  You don't want jinx us, do you?"

         "That's just an old wive's tale, Maureen.   There's no such thing as bad luck.  But if I don't talk to you like I need to, the only bad thing today will be my disposition.  I'm serious. This is important."

         From inside, there was silence, and he smiled at the image of her contemplating obdience.  He could hear her move away from the door, and then the shuffling of furniture, before she returned and answered him.

         "Okay.  I'm gonna let you come in.  But you have to promise to stay on your side of the screen.  No fair peeking around the side.  Are we clear?"

         "Whatever makes you happy, love."

          "Alright, you can come in now."

           Beckett opened the door, seeing that she had set up a small dressing screen in the center of the room, blocking his view of her on the other side.  The whole thing looked so damn ludicrious that he had to hold back from laughing out loud, which he was sure would offend her.  He sat down in the chair she had placed on his side, and did his best not to try and peak through the few clear panes of glass in the screen
A long over due conversation in the Bride Room at Holy Family Church

          " you holdin' up, baby?"

          "I'm okay.  A little nervous, I guess.  You?"

          "I'm terrific.  Couldn't be happier."


          "Of course, sweetheart. the way...did you know there are guys in the hall with big hats and swords?"

           "Oh...those must be the Knights of Columbus.  Patrick arranged that as a gift to the two of us.  It's quite an honor, you know.  They don't just show up for anyone.  It has to be a very special occasion."

           "I see.  And the bagpipers?  Is that a gift from Patrick too?"

           "No.  The pipes and drums are from Jamie.  They're part of the Emerald Society...a special group of musicians from the Boston P.D. that play at social funerals...or weddings."

           "Well, I'm glad they're here for the later, and not the former."

           "Me too.  So what is it you need to talk to me about?"  The slight edge of worry in her voice  made Beckett a tad guilty.

           "Baby...before we go out there and say "I do"...I have to explain job.  What it all entails."

           There was an obvious sigh of relief from the other side, which added to his growing guilt level.
"Oh, is that all?  Look, I know what being the wife of a cop is all about.  My dad was on the force, and so are my brothers, Jamie and Brendan.  It can add a lot of stress to a marriage.  I'm fully aware of that.  I used to say when I was younger than I'd never, ever marry a cop.  I saw how my mom worried every single day about whether my dad would actually come home at night, and I wanted no part of that.  But with you, it's different.  I don't know. You seem capable.  Almost invincible."  There was a moment of silence, and she added softly.  "And I love you to distraction, so I'm willing to do anything...even marry a cop... if he's you."  Then with a small laugh, she continued, "Besides, it's not like Dollyville is the crime capitol of the world.  It's the one advantage of living in a small town."

      If there ever had been a time when he had been a bigger asshole to someone he cared about, he couldn't remember.  But what was done, was done, and he had little choice but to move forward, and hope for the best.  "Thank you for being so understanding, love.  Unfortunately, it's not the Sheriff's position I'm talking about."

       "What do you mean...'not the Sheriff's position'?  It's your job, right?"  The tone of her voice changed, and he could hear the concern and suspicion creep in.  "You're confusing me, Ted.  Just say what you have to say."

        Beckett fidgeted in his chair.  "Look, baby.  I'm just gonna give it to you straight.  The Sheriff's position here in Dollyville is just one aspect of my life.  I spend the other part of it working... for the government."

       "The government?  What the hell are you talking about?  What government?"


       "You mean like the United States government?"

       "Yes.  That one."

       "Doing what exactly?"

       "Whatever they ask me to do."

        There was the sound of the chair shuffling, the rustle of cloth, and before he could say another word, Maureen had come around the screen, facing him with hands on hips, and eyes flashing.
"Are you telling me that you're some kind of freakn' spy?"

       He had rehearsed a well planned speech on this subject a dozen times in the past week.  Came prepared to handle the exchange with poise and confidence.  But when she appeared in front of him, all satin and lace, pale skin and red hair...the words died on his tongue.  She looked like a gift, all tied up in ribbons and bows, and his fingers itched with the need to unwrap her...right there in the church's Bride Room.  Lock the door, and start with that row of tiny buttons that ran from her collar bone down to her waist.  
      He tried for humor, but it fell to the floor, flat and unfunny"I thought we weren't supposed to see each other.  Now you've gone and done it.  Jinxed the whole thing."  He was sure he had known loads of beautiful women.  Had spent more than one night with many of them.  But at this moment, not a single one came to mind, and all he could do was stare.

       Angry and flustered, she came around the screen without thinking.  Ready to rip the words directly from his throat.  But when she saw him, sitting in a chair much too small for his size and build, her mind went entirely blank.  She always knew he was handsome.  No doubt that it was his good looks that had attracted her long before she knew anything about the man himself.  But now, in front of her like he was, dressed in black Armani, his eyes the color of June skies, he was devastating.   She was lost, and all power to think straight suddenly evaporated.   "I don't care about any stupid superstition.  You tell me right now what's going on here!"

        He patted to a spot on his lap, but she shook her head, knowing that if she physically touched him,  it would be all over.  He could tell her the Earth was on a collision course with Mars, and she would blankly grin and stare into his eyes.  She needed to hold on to some sense of reason if she was going to get any information on the subject at all.

       Realizing she wasn't going to sit in his lap, Beckett rose, and offered her the chair.  Feeling flushed and fuzzy, she took advantage of the opportunity to sit herself down.  "Explain.  Now, Beckett!  What the hell are you talking about?"

       Uncomfortable in this setting, he began to pace the small room, looking very much like the caged tigers she remembered seeing at the Boston zoo.  "Like I said.  I work for the United States government.  In addition to my life here in Dollyville as its Sheriff."

      "So... you're standing here telling me that soon to be husband...and father of this baby...are actually some kind of secret agent man for the United States of America."

       Appearing rather pained, he answered.  "Yes.  That's sorta what I'm trying to tell you.  But when you say it like that, you make it sound like a bad thing."

        "Bad thing?  Are you crazy?  Of course it's a bad thing!  It's not normal.  It's weird!  Do you fly around the world?  Blow things up?  Kill people?"

        He paused a moment, and considered the questions with a sense of seriousness.  "Yes...yes...and yes.  But only people who are intent on doing harm to this country."

       She stared up at him, an expression of disbelief and confusion on her face.  When she spoke, it was not much above a whisper.  "This is too damn much.  It's totally crazy.  You decided to wait  until now..."  She glanced at the clock on the east wall.  "Now...15 minutes before I'm due to walk down that aisle in front of my entire family...and everyone I remotely care about...and marry you in front of God and the whole congregation.  You decide NOW is a good time to drop this frickn' bomb in my lap, and expect me to merrily skip to the altar?  You are really some kind of insane asshole, Beckett."

        Maureen waited for a reply, but there was none.  The groom stood there stone-faced, not offering the slightest hint of explanation or apology.  Frustrated, she stood upright, coming barely to his chest, and looked into the eyes of the man she had trusted with her heart.  "So...just what am I supposed to do now?  Knowing all this about you"

         He smiled, and pressed his lips to her forehead. Then pulling the veiling down over her face, he answered her.  "I guess, baby...that answer would be entirely up to you."  Without another word, he left the room, quietly closing the door behind him.
Decisions to be made

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  1. eres mala, muy mala, no puedes dejarme otra semana mas con la incertidumbre , y despues de lanzar esa bomba , ahora estare mas impaciente todavia



    1. Oh Mari,

            Esta línea de la historia de la boda es muy largo ... un montón de maravillosas subtramas ... un montón de gente que se "romántica" ... un montón de gente que se meten en problemas. Cargas de la diversión, te lo prometo.
           No se preocupe, mi amigo. Todo saldrá bien. Todas serán respondidas Busque un adelanto para el Miércoles.

      Hugs Back At Ya!

      PS ¿La fiesta de la boda muy guapa? Trabajó duro en el vestido de Maureen!

      Oh Mari,

      This wedding story line is very long...lots of wonderful sub-plots...lots of people getting "romantic"...lots of people getting themselves in trouble. Loads of fun, I promise.
      Don't worry, my friend. All will work out. All will be answered Look for a sneak peek on Wednesday.

      Hugs back at ya!

      PS Doesn't the wedding party look lovely? Worked hard on Maureen's dress!

  2. Oooo boy Ted sure knows how to pick his timing. What will Maureen do lol we know she will marry him of course I sure hope she doesn't regret it : D Cassie still in the picture and Roxie still to come what a wedding. Can't wait for more. Maureens dress is wonderful. Fantastic job. Did you make the other clothes also ?
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria!

      Yes...what WILL she do? LOL I think it is pretty obvious she is crazy about him. And despite being so calm and collected, I think Beckett is quite smitten with his tiny red head. Life will never be boring for those two, will it?
      There are many more sub-plots coming up...all of which I hope you find very entertaining. This could be the longest wedding day storyline ever written????
      Thanks for the compliments. I am very pleased with how Maureen looks on her special day. The lace for her dress turned ut perfect. I did not make Allison or Beckett's clothes. Beckett's Armani is an Heidi Ott outfit I bough at a fair last fall. I couldn't believe that the suit coat has actual buttons and button holes instead of snaps! Took me forever to dress him! Allison's dress is adapted from the one "Roxie" came in when I bought from an antique dealer on Etsy. Didn't suit her, but works for a bridesmaid. I did make all the headpieces, and the bouquets. Having loads of fun with this. Working on some other pieces now for future posts.
      Thanks for always taking the time to comment. Means the world to me!
      Best to you,

  3. This post made me want to jump out of my seat and start clapping!

    First of all, Mo's dress is gorgeous. The pic on my impy cell phone did NOT do it justice. What a great job you did on that, and it actually seems to fit Mo's personality just right. The lace detail is beautiful. Allison and Maeve's dresses were very pretty too. Kudos to you on the dressmaker front.

    OOOhhh... Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man!! I was very excited when he dropped the bomb. Eh, Mo will marry the Beckett. She can't say no to the man. LOL.. Who else could tame the shrew?????

    Nice twist, well done! Until next time...


    1. Oh B...

      You make me blush with your compliments. LOL I truly am very pleased with the way this post reads. Have been running some of this dialogue in my head for months. I wondered if the whole "secret agent man" thing might be a bit "over the top", but decided what the hell. Might as well have fun with it. (And from events in the news lately, we know the security forces in this country are a lot more far reaching that we could have ever imagined.)
      Thanks too for the compliments about the "bridal party". I do think they look lovely. (But I'm not sure I ever want to take Maureen out of her wedding dress. She looks so pretty, and I worked so hard on it. Maybe I will just get another doll. One that has full legs and arms and not pipe cleaners. Then I can put Maureen in some lovely lingerie. LOL)
      Aa always, dearly appreciate the feedback. You know how important this writing dream is to me. Thanks for sharing it.


    2. DRAMA!! Who doesn't like drama!

    3. Drama is great! Especially when the drama is someone else's problem...and can be fixed with a tap of the key.

      Hugs to you,

  4. Hi Vicki!

    First of all, terrific writing the past couple weeks! Can't wait to see what happens with Cassie. Still waiting for the Roxie-Kevin meeting and finally there's the big day itself. I'm with everyone else and feel Maureen can't help herself where Ted is concerned. Loved the wedding parties outfits! Very nice. As always, very impressive!!! Great writing.

    Sorry to have been incommunicado the past week and a half but while camping we had zero Internet connection. Also last Wednesday night I broke my ankle while trying to avoid a tent stake and rolling my ankle on a little hill on the site. I felt something snap when I went down so was t real shocked when we went to the ER the next day and it was broken. They gave me a boot and crutches and told me I needed to follow up with my doc for casting. While using the crutches I stupidly put the weight on my armpits and pinched the nerve complex causing what I hope is temporary nerve damage so I'm having to walk on a broken fibula. Trying desperately to get an answer from the doctor's office about whether my doc does casting or if I need referral to an orthopedic doctor. The nurse is being incredibly unhelpful like I'd just told her I had a papercut! So, sorry I've not been commenting but those are my excuses :-) Talk to you soon.

    Susan the Klutz :-)

    1. OMG! You poor dear! Sorry to hear that all this happened to you! I can wholly sympathize with "klutziness"...I suffer from the same affliction! Please take good are of yourself, and let me know how you're doing via email!

      Sending positive energy your way!