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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sneak Peek Wednesday...Plus (7-31-13)

A deserted ladies room at the Park West Hotel
     With her one hand, she held the bag of ice in place, and with the other, tugged off the wig and cap, and shoved it in her bag,  The bruise was going to be nasty, running from under her left eye, all the way to her temple, and already blooming in dusty shades of purple, red, and gray.  Using a full bristled brush, she buffed in a thick layer of foundation over the earlier application, going for maximum coverage.

      It was her own fault.  She had underestimated the dosage of Ketamine required to put the man down, giving Porter an easy opportunity to take a few brutal swings.  Realizing there was to be no play time, and that he had been set up by the tiny brunette, the catering manager's anger turned to outright violence.  Grabbing her by the hair, he had gotten in one solid punch, before she could connect her stiletto heeled foot with his groin.  He spent the next several minutes rolling on the floor, succumbing at last to the effects of the drug.  Shame on her for being less than prepared, but when the bastard woke up in about six hours, he wouldn't be using his dick for awhile, in addition to nursing several broken ribs.

      She had chosen this particular ladies room because it was tucked at the far end of the lobby, and no where near the hotel ballroom where the wedding reception was being held.  Expecting complete privacy, she was shocked when the door squeaked open, and a tall, shapely woman joined her in the restroom.  It was obvious that the other woman wasn't planning on company either, as she suddenly stopped, her face a startled reflection in the mirror...


Hello Dear Readers...

    By now, I'm sure you have finally figured out that Ted and Maureen's wedding reception will offer a number of sub-plot complications, and a great deal of drama.  That being said, I thought I'd use Sneak Peek Wednesday to review the list of O'Kenney siblings, their spouses, and their children, as many of them will be mentioned in the upcoming storyline.  

     As always, I am extremely grateful for your continuing support of my "mini" literary endeavor.
     Best Wishes,

 Patrick John O'Kenney  Jr.-age 46  married 24 yrs to Eileen Ann Kellan -age 44 (currently  separated for the past 6 months)
 Children    Ian Patrick age 22    Colin John  age 20
 Patrick is lead counsel for the Archdiocese of Boston 
 Eileen teaches 3rd grade at Cathedral School

James (Jamie) Thomas O'Kenney -age 42 married 21 years to Kathleen (Katie) Louise Murphy-age 39
Children   Michael James- age 20    Elizabeth Ann- age 17    Patrick Thomas age- 15  
John William- age 12    Mary Margaret- age 10
Jamie is a homicide detective for the Boston PD
Katie is a stay at home mom, and a breast cancer survivor

Sean Michael O'Kenney -age 38 married 16 years to Jane Marie Callaghan age 34
Children  Patricia Jane -age 15   Linda Marie- age 13   Michelle Elizabeth- age 10  
Sean Michael Jr.- age 7
Sean is a Journeyman Electrician
Jane sells real estate part time

William Matthew O'Kenney-age 36  married 8 years to Claire Frances Kennedy-age 32
Children    William Matthew Jr. -age 7     Twins  Connor Thomas- age 5   Andrew Francis-age 5
William is a licensed plumber with his own business, "Waterworks Plumbing"
Claire is a stay at home mom,  currently expecting baby # 4

Daniel Stephen O'Kenney- age 34  single
Daniel is an attorney, an associate with Kendall, McEnerney, and Fitzgibbons

Brendan Samuel O'Kenney- age 33  married 10 years to Sarah Alice Fraiser-age 30 
Children   Brianna Marie -age 8   Maeve Elizabeth -age 6
Brendan is a patrolman with the Boston PD 
Sarah is a stay at home mom, expecting baby #3, and teaches children's piano lessons in her home 

Fr. Kevin Seamus O'Kenney-age 31  single 
Kevin is a Catholic priest and current Pastor of Holy Family Church, Dollyville, Massachusetts

Maureen Margaret O'Kenney -age 25 married to Theodore Henton Beckett-age 34
Maureen holds a Masters in Social Work from Boston College, and is currently employed by Schiller's Deli of Dollyville, Massachusetts.
Ted is Sheriff of Dollyville, Massachusetts, and is heir to "Hennie's Pennies", a chain of big box stores located on the East Coast.  According to recent revelations made to his wife, Beckett is also employed in some capacity by the United States government.


  1. veo que Cassie se sabe defender muy bien, estoy deseando ver con que nos sorprendes el sabado

    si es cierto , es una gran familia, eso puede ser bueno o malo ,segun el momento



    1. Hola Mari,
          No te preocupes por Cassie. Ella da tan buena como se pone.
      Tiene suerte de que sólo tiene un moretón.
           Y sí, los O'Kenneys son un grupo bastante grande. Los más pequeños se juntan es un asunto importante si están todos invitados. Ted no tiene idea de lo que acaba de casar a.
      Lo mejor para usted,

      Hi Mari,
      Don't worry about Cassie. She gives as good as she gets.
      She's lucky she only got the one bruise.
      And yes, the O'Kenneys are quite a large group. The smallest get together is a major affair if they are all invited. Ted has no idea what he just married in to.
      Best to you,

  2. Wow that is some list lol. In the past us Irish also had the bad habit of calling us by our second name rather confusing lol I should know as I am a "victim" of this :D One day I may even tell you what I am called ;)
    Btw wishing you the very best of luck with your writing. Do what you feel is best for you.
    Big Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria,
      I was trying to think of the names of every Irish child I ever had in my class to come up with all these family members. Can you imagine Christmas with the O'Kenneys? Hmmmm...I may have to write something like that.
      So...are you going to tell us what you're called? Now I'm curious!
      Until Saturday,

      PS Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am busy feeling sorry for myself that the new school year starts in about 3 weeks, and my writing time will be cut very short. Things will be as they will be...

  3. I think I'm gonna have to print that list out for future reference! How do you remember all that???