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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Sneak Peek (7-17-13)


Fr. Kevin is ready for Maureen's wedding ceremony

     At twenty minutes before two,  Fr. Kevin O'Kenney parked himself in the the front of the church, and waited for the remainder of guests to make their way to a seat.  A final check showed everything in order, and it looked as though, just maybe, they would be able to start somewhat on time. The O'Kenneys were not known to be particularly prompt, and he fully expected to see people still wandering in well after the bride had made her big entrance.  He glanced to his right, unable to keep a smile from spreading across his face.  Seeing his mother wheeled down the aisle, a team of medical staff in tow, had been a joyful shock, and he still wasn't sure how Beckett had pulled it off.

      It had been Maureen's greatest disappointment to learn that her mother would be unable to make the  trip to Dollyville for the wedding.  Her condition had deteriorated in the past few weeks to the point where her doctor had strongly advised against a two hour car ride, especially without proper medical care.  Not wanting to risk her mother's health, or put the burden of her care on any one of her siblings, the bride sadly resigned herself to the fact that neither of parents would be there on her wedding day.

       But somehow, Beckett had made it happen.  His mother arrived, not by traditional limousine, but by private ambulance, complete with her physician, a nurse, and two orderlies.  And although she hadn't known who he was, the fact that she was in attendance, hair done and wearing a pretty summer dress, surrounded by all her children and grandchildren, made the day sweeter than anyone could have anticipated.  Tucked away in the Bride Room for the past hour, Maureen would be unaware of her arrival, and he couldn't wait to see her expression when she came down the aisle on Patrick's arm, and saw her Mama sitting there in the front row.

      Kevin stole a peek at his watch, and wondered where the groom had gotten off to.  He had seen him come in a half hour ago, but since then, hadn't spotted him anywhere amongst the crowd. The organist began her pre-ceremony repertoire, and the Knights began lining up in the vestibule.  He turned his attention to the left of the chapel, where an usher was seating a young woman.  She looked up for second, caught his eye, and then quickly averted her gaze. He felt his stomach rise in his throat, and then plummet in a roller coaster of emotion.  For weeks he wondered if he would even recognize her.  After nearly fifteen years she would have certainly changed.  But there was no possibility he was mistaken.  Same long, dark hair.  Same heart shaped face.  It was her, and any hope of avoiding this day of reckoning slipped away, as Ms. Roxanne Spinelli settled herself in the center of the pew.
Roxie arrives at Holy Family Church
Roxie and Fr. Kevin...face to face after 15 years

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  1. asi que el padre Kevin se reencuentra con su amor de adolescencia , no seas muy mala con el , pobrecito
    estoy deseando saber mas de esa boda

    en cuanto a lo que dijiste, he buscado tu mail por el blog y no lo he encontrado , te doy el mio y dime algo



    1. Hola Mari!

             15 años es mucho tiempo ... y muchas cosas han cambiado. ¿Cuál será el P.. Kevin dijo? Y será Roxie perdonarlo por la terrible forma en que manejó las cosas? Sólo el tiempo lo dirá ...

      Nos vemos el sábado,

      PS te enviaré un email sobre lo otro!

      Hi Mari!

      15 years is a long time...and a lot has changed. What will Fr. Kevin say? And will Roxie forgive him for the terrible way he handled things? Only time will tell...

      See you on Saturday,

      PS I will send you an email about the other thing!

  2. I'm trying to decide on whether these sneak peaks are good or designed to drive to distraction ;-) You my friend are a tease!!! Love it. I can't wait to see how the wedding day progresses. Thank you for the much needed distraction! See you Saturday!

    Your friend,


    1. I think a little of both, Susan!
      Can't have you forgetting about the people of Dollyville during that long week in between posts! Lots of great sub plots coming up in this storyline. Love is certainly "in the air"!

      Hope you are feeling a little better!. Glad my little literary endeavor offered a respite for your troubles.


  3. Savin' all my love for the weekend, bb!!


  4. And I'm planning on it being very...satisfying.


    (Wow...that really sounds conceited. LoL)