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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sneak Peek Wednesday (7-24-13)

Cassie arrives in Dollyville... on Ted and Maureen's rainy wedding day
    The rain had turned to a slow drizzle by the time she pulled into the Park West Hotel.  The lot was crowded, a fact Cassie was grateful for, leaving her the covert opportunity to park in a corner furthest from the entrance.  Here, nestled amongst the multitude of cars, the dark blue Lexus would just be one of many non-descript vehicles.  She congratulated herself for thinking ahead, and swapping the Florida plates for another set, these from Alabama, at a rest stop on the way up.  If Beckett had somehow managed to deduce her car theft plan, he would at least be looking for a different set of numbers, even if he'd discovered the make and model of the stolen automobile.

     Before heading to the hotel, Cassandra Donaghue had driven past Holy Family, not slowing down enough to draw attention, but allowing enough time to verify that the bridal party was still busy inside the church.  A group of guests had gathered outside under the shield of several umbrellas, apparently waiting to shower the newlyweds with rice, or birdseed, or whatever the hell was being used these days.  Amongst the friends and family, she could make out a handful of sizable men, strategically set around the church perimeter.  Although they were clad like everyone else, they had the rapt attention, and guarded posture of someone on the job, not to mention a slight bulge under their jackets that screamed "I'm hiding something bad".

     She smirked at the bastard's less than slick attempt at security.  If he thought a couple of boulder shouldered goons were going to deter her plans, than he wasn't quite as brilliant as she had once thought.  She'd faced professionals before.  Hell...she had outwitted a crime lord for nearly three years.  His unimaginative ideas of ensuring safety were downright laughable.  Besides, the fates were, without a doubt, on her side.  The horrible weather, and road delay, had turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  For all intensive purposes, Plan B was the sounder of the two, and once again, she patted herself on the back for having the foresight to set up alternatives to the C4 idea.

    Explosives were the fastest and easiest solution, and her father had always praised their big job mentality.  But the use of something as volatile as C4 required both careful set up, and general privacy, both of which were at a premium in the current situation.  In addition, a blast like that usually came with extensive casualties, and in this case, her desired victims were part of a short list.  She didn't really need to take half the town with them, although she wouldn't have minded seeing that self-righteous prick of a priest blown to a million pieces.  She had never liked the man, beginning with their first meeting last summer.  He had always seemed to be looking down his nose at her, judging her as if he had any right at all.  When she thought about it, this whole mess was entirely his fault.  It was that damn, interfering Fr. O'Kenney who had pushed his skanky sister at Teddy, offering her up like she was some cheap raffle prize at Sunday Bingo.

    Yes, Plan B was definitely the way to go, despite its distasteful side effect.  And it wasn't as if she hadn't pimped herself out before.  It was simply a means to an end, a path she had traveled more occasions then she could count...


  1. Vaya vaya con Cassie, miedo me da , a ver con que nos sorprendes el sabado



    1. Hola Mari,

           Sí ... Cassie es ciertamente problemas. He estado trabajando en el poste del sábado toda la tarde, y estoy haciendo mi propia piel de gallina. LOL después del sábado va a ser muy largo, y muy, muy
      nervioso. Justo lo que esperas en la boda ... NO!

      Disfrute del resto de la semana,

      PS No he tenido la oportunidad de enviar su sorpresa todavía. Voy a hacerlo muy pronto.

      Hi Mari,

      Yes...Cassie is certainly trouble. I have been working on Saturday's post all afternoon, and I'm making my own skin crawl. LOL Saturday's post will be very long, and very, very
      edgy. Just what you expect at wedding...NOT!

      Enjoy the rest of your week,

      PS Haven't had a chance to send your surprise yet. I will do it very soon.