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Monday, February 11, 2013

About the miniatures...

Thanks for your interest in some of the minis in this week's post.  I'm pleased to answer your questions...

     The beautiful glass screen was a Christmas gift from my family...well, the cash was anyway.  I had been looking at that screen on Etsy for at least two months before Christmas, but damned if I could convince any of my loved ones to surprise me with it under the tree.  So, when I found some extra cash in my stocking, I knew exactly what I would get.  It was so pretty, I had to figure out a way to work it into the storyline, and what better way than to have Ted romance Maureen with it.  If you would like to have more information about the artist, feel free to email me.  She does have other pieces in glass, as well as some extraordinary dressed beds, and painted plates.   The plate on the kitchen wall is also her work, and was an extra gift with my order.

       I also want to mention Beckett's darling reindeer sweater.  It is hand knit by a talented lady, Susan Klein.  She also sells on Etsy, and creates knit wear, as well as some adorable furniture.  Give her a look next time you are on the web site.  She has some lovely things.

         I also had a few questions about the bathroom door.  I agonized over that silly door for 3 days!  All the beads I tried looked too clunky, or didn't lay right.  I almost gave up, and figured I'd just have to make a cloth curtain.   Then, I found an old necklace of mine with strands of these tiny metal beads.  The necklace was sacrificed for a good cause.  LOL   It was imperative that I get a door in there, as it plays an important role in next week's storyline...but that's all I'm saying about that.  Hope you like how it turned out.

       Finally, I was asked about the names of the other O'Kenney siblings, and their ages.  So here you go:

                              Patrick John  Jr.  45
                              James (Jamie) Thomas 42
                              Sean Michael  38
                              William Matthew  36
                              Daniel Stephen  34
                              Brendan Samuel  32
                              Kevin Seamus 30

                              Maureen Margaret  24

Thank you for your interest in my story.  It means so much to have you come back each week to read another chapter.  Please know I pour my heart and soul into these characters, and I am thrilled to know
that you enjoy them as well.  Your  comments make my day, and give me the push to keep writing.

Until next week,

Best Wishes,

Vicki aka Madame Mystery




  1. gracias por todas las aclaraciones , a veces sacamos las cosas del sitio menos esperado , espero el proximo capitulo con impaciencia



    1. Mari,

      Gracias por tu comentario bonito y por leer mi pequeña historia. Prometo que el próximo capítulo será vale la pena esperar!

      Thank you for your nice comments, and for reading my little story. I promise that the next chapter will be worth the wait!



  2. I like that glass dressing room divider, it's beautiful


    1. Thanks so much. I lusted over it for weeks and weeks, but I'm not in the financial situation where I can afford to spend big bucks on my hobby. But since it was gift money...I finally gave in and bought it. Can think of so many ways I could use it.

      Appreciate the comments.