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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

Over the past few months, I've received several questions asking about my blog...its characters, the scenes and miniatures, the story line, etc.  I've decided to answer them all here in one fell swoop.  So here it goes...

How did you come up with the storyline and characters for Mini Mayhem?

I didn't find the found me.  I promised myself last school year, that I would take the advice I give my students, and work on my writing skills everyday.  Knew that if I didn't make a solid commitment, I would undoubtedly find 500 other things to do during my summer break.  So, on the first day of vacation, I started a blog, even though I knew absolutely nothing about blogging.  I selected Google Blogspot because it seemed the easiest to set up.

I decided I would write fiction, so that I would always have something new to write about everyday, and thought adding my minis would be a fun way to combine two things I loved. It would also give me an opportunity to take and post photos.  On day one, I was sitting in my living room, trying to figure out how to start my story, saw my mini church across the room, and just started typing.  No outline. No premise.  I broke every single rule I give my students.  But each day, the story just took shape, and the characters began to develop.  After the first week, I started penciling in a plot line.  It took off from there, and I have active plot outlined for several weeks in advance.

From the photos you post with the story, it looks like you have loads and loads of minis.  Just how many dollhouses do you have?

LOL...I do have minis spread throughout the house.  My youngest son likes to tell people the blog is published from his bedroom at home while he's away at school.  Currently, I have 8 1:12 dollhouse or buildings in various stages of "unfinished".  I also have a few metal, vinyl, and pressboard vintage houses, and a 1:24 colonial.  The furniture from all of these gets moved around for various "scenes", and everyone once in awhile, I have to build something from scratch, like Cassie's and Ted's Red Room.  I am currently working on another 'project' for an upcoming scene.  But that's a secret.

Is Fr. Kevin based on a real person?

Fr. Kevin is based on the personalities of a few different people, none of whom are priests.  (although I think one of them would have made a good one!)

When you write your characters, do you have specific people in mind?

I have photos of real people I sometimes use when describing physical features and movements.  I thought about posting my photos to the blog, but I think it is more fun to let you imagine them the way you want.  (Although my Sheriff Beckett is quite yummy!  LOL)

Why did you make Sheriff Ted Beckett a brunette.  I pictured him as a blonde!

Sorry, he always had dark hair and blue-green eyes in my head.  But you go ahead and make him a blonde if you like.

Will the Sheriff and Maureen eventually hook up?  If so when?

No comment.  LOL ( You don't really want to know ahead of time, do you?)

Will we see any more of Cassie?

What do you think?

Will we find out who is the father of dead Lizzie's baby?

Yes.  I actually gave you clues to that in September I think.

You write a lot about Irish people.  Are you Irish?

Nope.  I just live in Chicago...a city in which St. Patrick's Day is a 3 day event.  The Gaelic and Celtic mythology come from research.  Just so much fun to write.

Will we hear anything more about Brian?

Probably.  He's taken a back seat to all the Marzano issues, but I suspect he will show back up again when things calm down.

Sometimes Fr. Kevin does things that don't seem "priest like".  Why do you write him that way?

Nobody is perfect.  Nobody...clergy included.  Besides, who wants to read about 'perfect' people?  It's rather boring, and doesn't leave your character room to grow.  But I am very careful not to cross the line with him.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who are called to serve God in that manner.  Honestly, I think he's a great guy.  Someone I'd like to have as a friend.

Do you have any other works published?  Will you turn Fr. Kevin and friends into a book, so we don't have to wait a week in between chapters?

I am not a professional, and have no other works published. (But I'm thrilled to have you think it's a possibility)  This blog is my "writer's workshop"...a chance for me to try things out.  I have dreams of turning Mini Mayhem into an e-book or two.  But that's just in the "hoping' stages.  Until then, you'll have to wait for each chapter as I post them.

I truly appreciate all your support.  If you think you know someone who might enjoy this type of writing, please share the link.  I'd be most appreciative.   And as always, your comments and emails mean so much to me.  Thanks for taking the time to write them!

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All Rights Reserved 2013


  1. Lol you answered one of the questions that I really wanted to know and that of course was if you were Irish. You sure know a lot about us though :D I really thought that you were. Thank you for answering so many questions. Your story is fantastic it has a bit of everything in it ;)
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! I have spent all of my teaching career in Catholic schools located in predominantly Irish-American communities, of which Chicago's southwest side has many. The families have been very welcoming, and have included me in many of their celebrations, so I have a good feeling about writing my characters as Irish. I always scold my students about not knowing enough about their own heritage, so I make sure we cover some of it, especially with our unit on Chicago's history and literature, which is heavily influenced by Irish immigration. I'm glad I was able to make my story believable.
      Best Wishes,

  2. que bueno, dejar que la historia venga a tí...

  3. Exciting. I wish I read from the beginning, it seems a little confusing for me to start now, and where do I start. Especially because it is written in English and not in my mother tongue, so. Could you make a short resume, so new readers can follow now.?

    wau, so many dollhouses, I'm totally jealous.

    1. Hi Wyrna,

      Thanks for following my story. I started this blog, and Kevin's story, way back in June. During summer break, I was writing a shorter post everyday. Now that I'm back in my classroom, I post once a week. I have about 116 chapters...a lot to summarize. LOL You can always go back to the archives and start at the beginning. (June 8, 2012) Some of the early chapters are very funny. Maybe I can try to write something up for you.
      Sorry about the Google translator.. I know it doesn't do a great job,but it's all they offer.
      Best Wishes,

  4. Las dudas me han quedado disipadas, me ha gustado las preguntas formuladas por los lectores y también la vida que les dás a los personajes de casas de muñecas.
    Un abrazo

  5. your stories are very imaginative i feel like im watching a soap opera.

    1. Thanks Tina.

      It is rather like a soap opera, isn't it? Glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for taking time to comment.