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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Because you asked...

 Hello Everyone!

   I've been getting several emails from new readers with questions about the connection between Cassie and Fr. Kevin.  Why does she think he has her money?  The details of that story line go back to June, July and August.  You can always go back and check out those chapters.  But for the sake of time, and to catch everyone up, or refresh some memories, here is a synopsis of that storyline.

  Cassie and Elizabeth McKreedy are first cousins who have a strong resemblance to each other, and who grew up as close as sisters.  They are both seasoned con artists/hackers/embezzlers with minor criminal records.  After a con in New Orleans that netted them a great deal of money, but had terrible repercussions, (never quite discussed as of yet) the two women decided to hide out in the small southwestern Massachusetts town of Dollyville.  They lived separately, with Elizabeth spending almost 14 months living in disguise, and withdrawing small amounts of the con money from the local bank where Cassie had digitally transferred it, until she had amassed near the total of a half million dollars.    The plan was the two should split the money and start fresh on the west coast after the trouble in New Orleans died down.

   But while Elizabeth was living in a small rented room keeping a low profile, Cassie had rented a huge colonial home, was continuing to work some hacking and embezzling jobs, and was living the high life.  Despite her developing agoraphobia, Cassie managed several relationships with men in town, including her current beau, Sheriff Ted Beckett, while forcing Liz to live in total solitude.(or so she thought)

   Liz tires of being put off by Cassie, and shows up at her home, dragging the case of cash.  Cassie promises to arrange their exit, but instead belittles Liz and forces her to live in the attic.  The two finally have a falling out, and Liz steals the suitcase with the half million dollars and disappears in the middle of the night.  Cassie desperately looks for Liz, and the money, while balancing her own growing problems with her current con jobs, her agoraphobia, and her relationship with the town Sheriff.

    In the meantime, Lizzie hides out in a seedy motel outside of town and plots Cassie's demise.  She tries twice to kill her, first by blowing up her house, (great chapter...proud of that one) and then by poisoning.  Failing at both, she decides to leave town on her own, but not before sticking it to Cassie one more time.  She goes to see Fr. Kevin (who they both know) for Reconciliation, and during the Sacrament, up and leaves the suitcase of money on a chair in the confessional.

     Fr. Kevin, being an honest and devoted soul, is not sure what to do with the money.  Because it was part of a confession, he can't say anything about it to anyone.  Not knowing what else to do, he sticks it in the church safe until he can figure how to deal with it.  It remains there to date.

      Before she leaves town, Liz McKreedy sends her cousin a final email explaining that she has given Fr. Kevin the money, minus $50,000 she herself took for expenses.  She also sends Cassie an upsetting  clipping cut from a New Orleans newspaper.  When she leaves, she reveals (to the readers only) that she is secretly several months pregnant, but the father is not made known.

      Cassie has hired private detectives to hunt down her cousin, but so far, has been unsuccessful.  She is desperately seeking information from Fr. Kevin about the whereabouts of her missing money, which she is planning on taking way or another.


 Well...that should catch you up.  Hope this helps you determine what's currently going on, and why Cassie is trying to feed Fr. Kevin truth serum.  She is a very naughty girl.  LOL

Until next week...

Madame Mystery

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